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F# Support

Full support for F# from within MonoDevelop

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    Chris Hardy shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Sega Able commented  · 

        Hi guys!
        I am working on F# addin during Google Summer of Code and want to ask you to test it out because the addin has been updated :)

      • Marc Sigrist commented  · 

        Including F# as a main language in MonoDevelop makes a lot of sense: 1) It is already an established, officially supported main language in Visual Studio, 2) It is focused on the business layer, where Linux is particularly strong, 3) It has a "natural appeal" to linux programmers (pipe operators, function combination operators, F# Interactive/scripting look very familiar), 4) Functional programming has a tradition in Linux (e.g., LISP in Emacs), 5) The F# compiler is Apache Open Source licenced, 6) Functional programming has great appeal in the academic world, where Linux is often the preferred OS.

      • Rowan Davies commented  · 

        I teach a university course using F#, and many of my students use Linux primarily, and I've recommended that they use MonoDevelop. But for them it just isn't that easy to get it working currently - it requires quite an investment to get an IDE working for just a one semester course.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        hhausman: if compiling your .sln files didn't work out of the box, please file a bug in http://bugzilla.xamarin.com/

        ShuttleMan: good point, but the F# addin was actually already implemented. The only thing that the MD team has to do AFAIK is bundle it by default in MonoDevelop core, this way they make sure it works when new versions are published (so what is happening right now seems to be that the F# addin only works for some old version of MD, the addin needs updating to use the new API of the new versions I think). So this work should be very low-hanging fruit and apparently (as the number of votes demonstrates) it would please a lot of people. So, go MD team!

      • max commented  · 

        Tried to make the language binding plugin work. I got nowhere. I want frictionless support of fsharp part of monodevelop ! :)

      • Veronica Cnd commented  · 

        Captain Obviousness is always Ready to help Monodevelop!

      • Joost Morsink commented  · 

        MonoDevelop with full F# support would be so much cooler than it is already!

      • Kautilya commented  · 

        F# is awesome and I'd really like to see it getting proper billing and support in Monodevelop just as it gets on visual studio.

      • omanuke commented  · 

        I hope I will be able to use F# for Monotouch and Monodroid...
        It will make me possible to use F# everywhere.

      • Rickasaurus commented  · 

        C'mon guys, the F# team worked so hard to make F# open source so you can have it. The least you could do is give it a little love.

      • Mike Gale commented  · 

        I like F# but haven't tried Mono yet. If it had first class F# support I'd be more inclined to give it a try.

      • Jerold Haas commented  · 

        I agree, merging that into the trunk and some fine-tuning _should_ be fairly easy.

      • ShuttleMan commented  · 

        I assume MonoDevelop have limited resource and time. I don't know if supporting F# is a lot of work.

        But, I really believe MonoDevelop team should concentrate on being a "great IDE first" before supporting multiple languages.

        Sorry, there is a lot of work like making .sln files compatible from Windows and the list goes on.

      • Harold Hausman commented  · 

        I've been experimenting with F# on the Mac and I'm generally pleased with how well everything works.

        A major pain point is doing compilation though. It would be rad if the .sln files from the Windows side 'Just Worked' in MonoDevelop.

      • Chris Nuernberger commented  · 

        This would be huge. It is tough to decipher what the F# type system is doing for people new to F#, especially if this is the first ML style language they have used. Good non-windows IDE support would open up F# to lots of people that will just look at it and then get frustrated otherwise.

      • Jerold Haas commented  · 

        I think this should have been put in MonoDevelop when it was officially added to .NET. I think there's a significant number of users that would prefer using an ML-based language over Boo or Vala.

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